If you have specific needs or if you want to overcome limitations, fears, blockages or points that you are still not fully understanding in your yoga practice, why don't you consider private yoga classes?

In the comfort of your own home, for example, we can plan a tailored 1-to-1 yoga routine, dedicating time to go through details, using hands-on adjustment to help you to achieve your goals more easily, exploring the areas you are particularly interested in such as breathing, alignment, philosophy, or chanting for example.

The study of yoga originated as a dialogue between the guru and the disciple exactly as we propose. Talk to us if you are interested and we can work together to create a solution that makes you happy and that helps you develop *sadhana *(discipline), *tapas*(fire and commitment), self-confidence, stamina, endurance, flexibility, concentration and calmness.

All 1-on-1 private classes end with some time for relaxation with aromatherapy and head, neck and shoulder massage.

Please contact reginapadma@gmail.com or nealdaw@gmail.com for more details.