Why Mindfulness through Meditation

According to Regina's Buddhist Master, Lama Padma Samten, the word meditation comes from the latin word meditare. It means to ponder and reflect; it can also mean to turn towards the centre, in the sense of disconnecting from the external world and turning inwards towards oneself. Even though this combination draws on Buddhist techniques, silent meditation can be a contemplative practice completely stripped of any religious or philosophical character, that can lead to a direct improvement in the quality of life. Silent meditation will bring a greater balance to the body, energy and mind, leading us to experience a feeling of well-being and peace.

She teaches 'shamata' - a Buddhist calming meditation that helps us towards mindfulness, peace, concentration, self domain and self knowledge. Booklets and texts available for reading and studying . Private classes also available around Peterborough and Stamford area. Please contact her to learn more, to book your place or to get a gift voucher for family or friends: reginapadma@gmail.com

Shamata Technique
Shamata - the objective of the shamata meditation technique is to develop our capacity to respond appropriately to the many reactive impulses that constantly arise within ourselves. The practice of meditation helps us develop the capacity to remain still in the face of the many situations, events and stimuli presented in our daily lives, therefore, removing us from automatic, often negative, reactions and impulses to events and situations. Also, through meditation, we can develop a mindful lucidity independent from the external circumstances, allowing us to find other routes of action in our lives, at work, and in all levels of relationships.

Who is Lama Padma Samten and who is Regina Padma Rintchen
Lama Padma Samten, formerly Alfredo Aveline, a physics professor at the Federal University in Porto Alegre, invited H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche to teach in Rio Grande do Sul and facilitated Rinpoche's purchase of the Khadro Ling land in 1994.His organization, Centro de Estudos Budistas Bodisatva (CEBB), which he founded in 1986, organized Rinpoche's early teachings in Southern Brazil.

Lama Samten received training from teachers of various Buddhist traditions including Zen, and traveled to Asia on several occasions. He has contributed a tremendous effort to bring masters, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to Brazil.Recognizing his qualities as a meditator, Chagdud Rinpoche ordained him as Lama Padma Samten at Khadro Ling in December, 1996.

Since that time, Lama Samten has traveled and taught tirelessly, helping to structure and sustain practice groups throughout Brazil.His teachings have been partially published in the following books: Meditando a Vida, Jóia dos Desejos, O Lama e o Economista, Relações e Conflitos, Mandala de Lótus, and Bodisatva magazine. Now he resides in the main center of Caminho do Meio Institute, at the Buddhist Study Center in Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul.

Find out more here - www.cebb.org.br/en and en.chagdud.org/lama-padma-samten