We are also able to offer Relaxing Massage on a massage table or on a chair. In this case, hand and elbow manoeuvres are applied on the body using oils and aromatherapies (if on a massage table). The purposes is to work out adhesions or knots in muscle tissue in order to get the muscle to release, thereby calming the nervous system, promoting a sense of well-being, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body's lymphatic system to carry away waste products. In both cases we use relaxing music and aromas in the room.

Regina is trained in integrative massage, levels I, II and III by Ma. Anand Aloka in Recife, Brazil, and also received training in Yogatherapy by ANYI-RJ, in 2004. Neal Dawkins is qualified in Swedish massage, chair massage and relaxing massage as well as acupressure massage. Periodically Regina and Neal offers workshops in Massage and chair yoga massage during yoga retreats.

Please contact us to learn more, to book your place or to get a gift voucher for family or friends: or When and where Sessions are offered in our therapy and meditation room in Castor, Peterborough and at Stamford Yoga or during our retreats. Bookings are essential.