Hints and tips for you to enjoy your yoga classes even more

Please let us know if you do not wish to be hands-on adjusted as this is generally an element of our work to ensure that yoga students are able to find better alignment, deeper relaxation, increased stability and greater extension.

Remember to bring your own yoga mat as it is going to be your sacred place in the room where only you are comfortable to perspire and purify yourself whilst resting and meditating.

Always enter the practice hall in bare feet, leaving your shoes outside the room.

We prefer clients to pay prior to class online via momoyoga. The full hour of your yoga class should be dedicated to feeling the results of your practice or to sharing with your teacher or colleagues any important experiences you have had in class. So please ensure that you have paid for your class in advance.

Remind yourself this is a precious time for your health, peace of mind and emotional stability. To get the optimum benefits it is recommended that you arrive in silence, in good time and lie or sit in a comfortable position, resting quietly until the moment the class starts.

Please remember to complete the health form.

It is recommended to avoid practicing yoga until and 1.5 hours after light meals and 3.5 hours after heavy meals

7. Avoid practicing Yoga before 1 hour and a half after light meals and 3 hours and a half after heavy meals

Wear loose and/or stretchy clothes during your practice and remove any metal jewellery.

Do not expect to accomplish all the asanas (postures),pranayamas (breathing),Kryias (purifications),Mudras (gestures) perfectly at the beginning. Our development is free, gradual and progressive but also very effective along the yoga path.

In order for you to develop in yoga, breathe fully and continuously through the nose if you can and bring awareness to all you do during the class.

Try not to miss your classes as each of them is step towards more flexibility, strength, balance and self-knowledge Speak to your teacher about your difficulties whatever they are. Your yoga teacher is in constant training and learning and has followed the same path you are doing now. All of her/his experience and compassion are available to help, support and guide you.

DharmaYoga offers you opportunities to take special classes, retreats and workshops in yoga, meditation and massage. Consider trying them in order to develop your own practice and general awareness and consciousness.

DharmaYoga is also an opportunity for us to make new friends in a genuine atmosphere called yoga Sangha - the community of practitioners. Open up to your sangha inside or outside the practice room.

Finally, take care of yourself and others. As Sri Aurobindo used to say, "All life is yoga", because of that we try to extend our awareness to daily life, caring about our diet, our sleep pattern and positive behaviour.

Enjoy Yoga!!!