Finally booking system is now launched. I chose Momoyoga because it is very simple and efficient. You can now pay and book on classes directly through the system. Click on ´book here´ and try now. It still is a trial phase so hopefully everything will work as expected. You can pay directly through the system using your debit card or by bank transfer. If you choose bank transfer you should receive an email from momoyoga with my bank details. Momoyoga sends the zoom link for the chosen online class 30 minutes before is starts. Hope you like it.

In case we haven´t already mentioned it before in class I have a blog about the broader aspects of yoga. It´s called Yogalactica and I am doing my best to keep it updated. Please  feel free to explore it. Leave your comment, interact, share and experience Yoga at a deeper level. If you are more a social media type, join us on or on . We are also on Linkedintwitterpinterest , youtube...blimey! The whole lot. Let"s spread Yoga! x Regina