DAY RETREAT/Come enjoy a yoga day out by the beautiful Pentney Lake, Kings Lynn, West Norfolk. In the programme, different styles of yoga practice designed to create stamina and vigour as well as relaxation and a lovely wind-down feeling. You can also enjoy walks through the amazing landscape and eat a delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch. Come with friends, relatives or family. If you are alone come anyway as this is a great chance to bond with like-minded people. We are happy to advise you regarding food, practice etc and we can also try and organise shared transport . Don`t miss it. You will feel very uplifted and energised after a day like this :-) Price: £75. For more detail and to book contact me via Facebook or email: .

A new Gentle Yoga course started on Tuesday at 6.45pm in Eye. The programme will suit anyone interested in a softer yoga practice. Classes will cover gentle movements to benefit the whole body,and mind. You will also have a chance to learn some yoga philosophy, pranayamas (yoga breathing), mantras and meditation. Each 60 minutes class starts and finishes with yoga nidra or yogic relaxation. All classes must be paid as a block. If you miss a class you can come to any other one taught by Regina Perrusi in Peterborough within 8 weeks . YOU CAN JOIN US AT ANYTIME as it is a rolling course format. 8pm class available for improvers. Hope you can make it! More details on facebook and on event spotlight. Book asap. Thank you

What Is a Yoga combo ? Enjoy a new combination of monthly yoga classes at Padma Yoga, in Spalding. It will be a sort of hot versus cold "yoga combo". In the first hour you will improve your stamina, flexibility, strength, concentration and courage through a warming Sun Power Yoga flow class followed by 80 minutes of a cooling restorative steady and comfy yoga class. So you get hot, reach the peak of your body energy and then re-balance that through a cooling, relaxing and restful restorative yoga. You can come separately to either class, however, if you choose to try both you will be offered a discounted rate. It"s a great combo for the body, energy and mind. Believe me. NEXT CLASSES ON THE 23rd FEBRUARY. Give both a go! More on schedule

In case I haven´t already mentioned it before in class I have a blog about the broader aspects of yoga. Its called Yogalactica and I am doing my best to keep it updated. Please  feel free to explore it. Leave your comment, interact, share and experience Yoga at a deeper level. If you are more a social media type, join us on or on . We are also on Linkedintwitterpinterest , youtube...blimey! The whole lot. Let"s spread Yoga! x Regina