Pencil in  your diary the amazing yoga meetings below:

8th OctobeSun Power Yoga experience, 11am - 1.30pm at Oakham Studios. An immersion on the method with lots of foundation teachings, challenging sequences, breathing, acroyoga fun, meditation and relaxation. TBC

11th November Yoga Sutras Workshop, 10 am - 12.30pm at Padma Yoga, Spalding
What´s behind what we do in a yoga class? Come and see with Regina 8 of her favourite Patanjali´s yoga sutras applied to your yoga practice. Things will make more sense on your mat after that!

2nd November Sun Power Yoga 5-week beginners course - 10am - 11.25am at Padma Yoga.Come learn the principles of this challenging method building up your strength, flexibility and stamina slowly in a safe and friendly environment.