Yoga balances, harmonizes, purifies and strengthens the body, mind and soul of the practitioner. Swami Vishnudevananda.   
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Shirley Vere

Thank you Regina for today. It was beautiful , you are beautiful inside and out. Really amazing. Thank you

Fiona Carr

Thank you so much for such an amazing workshop. It was enlightening.. Thank to Neal too for his encouragement and guidance.


It's been over 3 year now that I started taking part in Regina's wonderful yoga practices. I am hardly your typical idea of a yoga student. I am not young, slender and female but an over weight, male pensioner. So what. I have always felt most welcome by Regina and all the other student and, even though my flexibility (or my fat belly) has sometime restricted me on achieving that really difficult posture it has always been fun trying . Regina bring light and warmth to those cold, dark winter evenings. I always say that I crawl reluctantly to her classes on a drab evening but fly home on a glowing warm cushion of new energy and happiness. I believe as we get older we are bound to feel a few more aches and pains but at least after doing yoga you know what caused them and deep down that they are doing you good and releasing some of that pent up youth and vigour that we all crave for as we age. So don't think it's not for you. Give it a go and just maybe, with Regina's expert help, you may achieve the new found piece with your aging body that I now feel.

Liz Maciag

I have been doing yoga with Regina for 5 years now, and she is still be best yoga teacher I've ever had. Her classes are always creative and different every week,with lovely added touches like lavender eye pillows for relaxation time! She makes me feel confident and she is always so encouraging. Her classes have a relaxed environment and she accommodates people of all levels of practice, always stretching and challenging me to try new things as well as regularly returning to key concepts. I come away from the sessions relaxed, de-stressed and energised, ready to take on the rest of the week!

Emily Kirk

Regina's class is the perfect start to my week! Challenging and relaxing all in one! Such a great teacher and couldn't recommend her class enough!

Claire Maxted

I really love her classes too, love the variety and professional attitude and especially the massage at the end, must book in for a proper session one day!

Amanga Rigby

Yoga with Regina is my weekly chance to re-energise and take time for myself. She is a fantastic coach, supporting the group to engage with our bodies, breath and movement. Her classes strike a wonderful balance, pushing us to go further whilst making sure we become mindful and relaxed. So glad to have found you Regina! You are awesome!!

Kath Burrows

Although it means I have to allow an hour to get to her class on time, Regina's classes are absolutely worth it. In every class I can be sure that I have learnt new things and discovered more about myself and my potential. I love that she brings the spiritual teachings of yoga to her classes as well. This is so important for helping us to find that inner peace. I would recommend her classes to anyone who is interested in yoga and deepening their understanding of yoga.

Liz Clare

Life seems to make so much more sense after a yoga lesson with Regina. She has a special gift of making you feel strong yet at real peace with yourself.

Jenny Wright

I really enjoyed the yoga class yesterday thought it was great and will be back next week. Thanks.

Tania Kent

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight, it felt great. Many thanks

Cheryl Harris

I really do love your class and I think the speed is perfect. Every week I come away energised and excited by the new things that I have achieved! My feet are nearly flat doing the downward dog!!

Irina Davis

Have been going to Regina's class for 1 year. This is something very special that I look forward all week. It is like a body and mind transformation that gives you energy and stamina to go with you life for another week :-)

Elizabeth Willet

I have attended Regina's yoga classes and bought my sister a gift of attendance at a workshop, which she loved. I do not hesitate to recommend Regina as a wonderful instructor of Yoga. I always leave her classes feeling like I am walking on air. She puts great thought into her routines and has you doing asanas that you didn't realize that you could do. She's great for beginners and more experienced people alike.

Belinda Stevens

Fabulous class. Thank you . Looking forward to the next course

Su Fletcher

Regina, just to let you know that I managed to do the tree pose with my foot above my knee last night when I got home on one side only but only the once and have not been able to do it again since!!! I shall persist I really enjoyed the challenge of the balance sessions as I did struggle to start with but seemed to have improved and when I do stretches and incorporate the balance it seems to be a lot more relaxing. Onward and upward.